Happy Identity: Discovering the Brand That is You!

When it comes to finding and developing your identity, are you still listening to the outside world for advice or have you allowed your heart speak instead? A look at what forms our careers and life, followed by a video interview with podcaster and inspirer Patty Elizee who talks about her idea of a Brand You Economy.

Do You Know the Way (to San Jose)?

Do you know the way to San Jose? was a pleasant memory of one of Dionne Warwick’s most beloved hits. Yet its deeper message beckons us to come back home. Read, watch her video and listen to a podcast by the same name that will invite you to return home to your place of happiness and peace, too.

Over 50 Years Old? You’re Ready for Prime Time (TV)!

Are you over 50 and thinking your “prime time” years are behind you? Think again! Prime Time TV features former HSN host Barbara Marville interviewing Maura Sweeney about the boxes we grew up in, built for ourselves and the new ways we can enjoy our newest version of the best time ever in life. If you’re looking for engaging, fun and inspiring conversation on why the best years are now, this show is definitely for you!

Unexpected Friends: Meet BBC’s Simon Hoban

Do you know there are “friends” out there who are waiting to meet you? As we’re heading down our own path to happiness, life has a way of supplying us with unexpected — and pleasant — friends along the way. In my case, that meant meeting up with Simon Hoban, journalist and co-host at BBC Radio in Liverpool, England.

Happy Holidays: Sending You Light in My Mind!

Contemplating how to convey happy and peaceful sentiments during the holiday season, my thoughts suddenly alighted upon an unusual video I created one when visiting the Romanian Athenaeum concert hall in Bucharest, Hungary. It was perfect for sharing holiday wishes because it featured magical lights!