Pursuing Truth in an Age of Deceit

Pursuing truth in a world full of deceit can be a daunting task that brings disappointments. But doing so can ultimately carry us out of darkness and into the light. In this post, I share personal stories about pursuing truth and offer my latest podcast, too.

Consciously Happy

“Your thoughts and worries hide your happiness, as clouds hide the sun. As the wind blows away clouds, so you can blow away your negative thoughts and worries.” ~ Remez Sasson You may find this surprising, but happiness is your natural state of consciousness. It’s your true state of being. Unfortunately, that state of consciousness

Happiness and Elvis: Aligning with Truth

If there’s one thing most of us run away from, it’s Truth. But, as Elvis Presley wisely noted, it just “ain’t goin’ away!”
Truth is perpetual, steadfast, immovable and unchangeable. We can ignore it, but we can never expunge its presence. Learn about this paradox that most of us fear the very thing that is quietly unaffected by time, space or circumstance.

Want to be a Leader? Become a Positive Influence!

Think leadership is all about titles and flow charts? If you want to be a true leader seek to be a positive influence, instead. Empower your greatness with this blog and podcast featuring John C. Maxwell’s famous quote about the definition of a true leader.