Ever think about your relationship with Truth? I doubt many do. Most think of Truth as being synonymous with “fact” – or perhaps view it as an abstract concept. But what if Truth were a person?

Good Day, World!

It’s another New Day today and, in my case, another day in the journey of entrepreneurship as my husband and I cultivate talents, skills, training and relationships along the road to making a Purpose-ful dent in our world. As we plan for an upcoming business trip north, we’re also scheduled for an afternoon business meeting in

No More Fruitcakes

My contention is that among the top ten list of bad holiday presents, FRUITCAKE ranks supreme. I speak from experience on this and I’m establishing a personal edict against ever baking or receiving a FRUITCAKE again.

My First House and the Home of My Dreams

Ever think about the house you grew up in? That very first house whose character, walls and environment provided your idea of what the world was all about? And did you ever dream about the house you’d like to inhabit – given the opportunity to design one yourself? That home could be closer than you realize. . . .