Post-50 and Flash Mobbing with my Daughter

Post-50 and Flash Mobbing with my Daughter

“Aging can be fun if you lay back and enjoy it.”

~ Clint Eastwood

Is there a “Kidult” in you?

The Kellogg cereal company is inquiring and encouraging you to feed your inner kidult!

I stood beside my husband’s computer recently as this novel word “kidult” struck me. 

“Turn back to the previous screen!” I urged my husband. “Something just caught my eye!”  

Jimmy grunted, but acquiesced. The man’s daily “to do” list would be temporarily interrupted — certainly not for the first or last time — by the latest of my reflective detours.  

My husband clicked back to the previous screen and the word kidult appeared again.

Boldly fashioned atop a Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheats ad, the word kidult invited Baby Boomers and GenX’ers to return to this nutritious yet kid-friendly, sweetened cereal. The slogan read, “For the adult you’ve grown into and the kid you’ll never outgrow.” 

Kidult was a brilliantly crafted word, I mused. And fun. Even without a cereal box or slogan, the moniker struck familiar. It also made me smile. I liked the sound of two supposedly opposing life phases placed together in the same word. As someone who left childhood behind early in life and only recently discovered it anew, the word felt quite pleasing, too.

Kellogg’s notion of kidulthood spawned my most recent podcast and I hope you’ll tune in for more. For anyone seeking more happiness, this cross-generational word conjures up inspiring implications and pleasing possibilities for all of us — no matter what our age or circumstances.

Whether you believe you grew up too soon, too late or at any time in-between, consider what being a Kidult can mean for you right now! Click the icon below.

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