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If you’re truly interested in living happy from the inside out, then this is one question you’ll want to consider.

We’re offered plenty of invitations every day – some good and others not so good.

For example, we can gladly accept invitations to celebrate birthdays, engagements and new babies.

But what about those other invitations that are a bit more tricky? How about when your spouse or kids press the wrong button, inviting you into the latest argument or conflict? Or that nemesis who invites you to question your motives, your intents or your personal worth?

I hope you tune in to today’s podcast that asks the question: Are you ready to accept that invitation?

Listening in may just save you some angst and bring you one step closer to living more happily from the inside out.

I share a few of my own stories about declining invitations to inspire you along the  way to happy.

Click on the icon below to learn more about those invitations you just might want to decline.

Wishing your acceptance at the finest and most strategic places that add to your happiness — and that of others!

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Maura Sweeney is a Podcaster, Author and Speaker

Her mantra is “Living Happy – Inside Out!”

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