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I’m not sure why, but I believe today’s my day for “coming out”.

Some readers know me personally; far more know me indirectly through nearly 200 videos, close to 100 blogs and, most recently, the book series I launched a few months ago called, The Art of Happiness.

Whether it’s historic change taking place in Vatican City (and the mounting speculation surrounding it); continuing political and fiscal arguments in Washington; or civil unrest in the Middle East, I’m not sure. What I am sure of is the constant patterns that show up as factions, strife, argument and division. 

While others jump in to defend or attack, I realize more and more how challenging it is for me to join in conversations to condemn others. 

Picking up offenses, finding fault and drawing lines in the sand are apparently part of life. I can even understand why others take issue, but I somehow must remain apart.

I’ve never been afraid to privately address issues with which I disagreed or go toe-to-toe on certain matters, but I cannot apply an offense or hold a grudge.

I’ve probably harbored this “secret” for most of my life. At some level, I was afraid to reveal it for fear that others would be horrified. Such an admission might prove too far out of the norm.

Even today, I find myself with a bit of trepidation: perhaps my thoughts will offend or be considered quite mad.

Yet if freedom is found in “coming out” and disclosing who I am, then today will mark a declaration to that end:

I can hold no offenses. I cannot blame others. I can only wish others every good thing I could hope for in my own life – personal peace, joy, happiness and rest. If I could be otherwise, then I really wouldn’t be Maura4u.

Well, that’s it. I’m “outed”. If you can see beyond my fault of failing to keep track of seeming faults in others, I gather you’ll be back for more of my musings. If you are offended at my revelation, I understand.

Either way I remain,

Maura. . . always and forever 4u

Maura is a public speaker and author. Her books are available on Amazon.






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