During times of transition,  and especially after turning 50, we can evolve and redefine our ideas about a vibrant and purposeful life

During times of transition, and especially after turning 50, we can evolve our ideas about a vibrant and purposeful life

“I have enjoyed greatly the second blooming… suddenly you find – at the age of 50, say – that a whole new life has opened before you.”  ~ Agatha Christie

Are you over the age of 50?

Are you still telling yourself that your “prime time” years are behind you? 

Think again. 

Whether it’s our newly acquired longevity or the fact that the Baby Boomer generation continues to pioneer new ground, turning 50 and beyond is no longer old or irrelevant.

Today, turning 50 and older signals that new avenues and opportunities await us in life – providing we have eyes to see them, ears to hear of them and an inner belief in the expansiveness of the human spirit.

Recently, I was invited to sit in as a guest on (quite fittingly) the Prime Time TV Show. Hosted by former HSN host Barbara Marville and her husband Dennis Kelley, the program inspires audiences with plenty of content. Specifically, it helps viewers 50 and older view themselves in a new paradigm of Prime Time living. 

You needn’t be over 50 to tune in to Prime Time TV. The ideas presented are universal: Our Prime Time in life can be any time we choose to make it.

In the following episode, we converse about things like childhood patterning and defining ourselves through our jobs and careers. Then, we talk about discovering new ways to evolve and expand personal frontiers.  

We also discuss why each of us has the potential to become a leader in its purest sense. We have the capacity to accept and embrace our roles as influencers, a highly empowering, invigorating and world-changing concept. 

I thank my friend Barbara Marville for using her own prime time years to educate, inspire, support and collaborate with so many others in her wake – including me.

Whatever your passion and purpose, I hope you consider what arises from recognizing and acting upon your own “Prime Time” opportunities, too.

Enjoy the show! 

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