US_Flag_Backlit“Look over yonder, what do you see? The sun is a-risin’ most definitely.”
~  Crystal Blue Persuasion / Tommy James & The Shondells 

Today’s blog about happy songs is dedicated to anyone suffering angst over petty presidential politics and negative mass media reporting.

I can’t possibly be alone in desiring an uplifting change to the present winds of presidential politics. So I’m offering an antidote to this national malaise. I’ve created a list touting 15 songs that make me feel happy — regardless of what’s happening elsewhere.

As media networks and political candidates peddle strife and negativity, I’m waving the flag of feel-good party songs. They just might make all of us a bit happier and more unified as a nation. 

The idea started the other night as my husband flipped stations between CNN and FOX TV. I heard the words “fight”, “guns” and “terrorism” mentioned just one too many times. I decided I needed to create some levity and develop a personal battery re-charge.

Surprisingly, I had been looking forward this 2016 Presidential race as the idealist in me imagined positive leadership coming to the forefront.

Certainly, I reasoned, a new face would step up to proffer us a bright new world of tomorrow. With a population as innovative as ours, somebody would surely emerge to unite the citizenry and reignite our national pride.

Instead, I’ve labored through the all-too-familiar fear mongering, political infighting and adolescent name calling. And it’s been diminishing my enthusiasm.  Democrats, Republicans and the major media outlets that feature them are boring me with divisive discourse and uninspired, retrograde rants.

So what’s my answer to this constant peddling of heaviness and conflict? I’m offering my own wind of favorite party songs to uplift us from the current political atmosphere and diminish the soupy malaise marketed by our mass media.

Yes, I’m celebrating the U.S.A. That means I’m celebrating ALL of US as a nation by sharing 15 of my favorite, feel-good party songs. 

Click on these songs, sing your heart out and then spread them in good cheer. Share these familiar tunes with friends, family —  and even your so-called foes caught in opposing political parties.

Be a positive force for happiness by changing the winds in our American atmosphere  —  starting now 😎 .

 Twist with Chubby Checker

Shout! with the Isley Brothers

It’s a Beautiful Morning by The Rascals

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Walking on Sunshine with Katrina & The Waves

Feelin’ Groovy with Simon and Garfunkel

Do You Believe in Magic from The Lovin’ Spoonful

Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin

Dancing in the Streets with Martha and the Vandellas

I Can’t Help Myself with The Four Tops

Build Me Up Buttercup with the Foundations

Who Loves You Pretty Baby with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

And don’t forget the Happy Song with Pharrell Williams

Finally, I’m including one of my all-time favorite happy songs that I used at the top of this blog. Tommy James and the Shondells knew something about a brighter world for everybody.  The song made me feel happy then and it makes me just as happy listening to it today.

It’s Crystal Blue Persuasion!

This blog may never win an award for conventional patriotism. But may it bring music, dancing and a welcome wind of unification to a nation that can benefit by less fear mongering and some quickly-diminishing political strife.

Regardless of who occupies the White House in 2016, join me in sharing happy vibes for a brighter world — beginning in the U.S.A! 

Beautiful Maura in South CarolinaMaura Sweeney is a Podcaster, Author and Speaker

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